Schizotypal with Paranoid ( Borderline Personality Disorder ) in women Anxiety and Depression are underline disorders that come with everything above here they are what I call the simple disorders that can be taken care of with help and meds if needed.Schizotypal with Paranoid are illnesses that will take a lot of time and care on your part you will need to learn your extra voices and the things you hear but are not there that come with this disorder. I believe you need to try your best to stay in the care you are in now for up to a year. After that you will. Need out care with someone who fully specializes with schizophrenia to Schizophrenia is one of the highest diagnoses that you could receive in mental health I believe, The unfortunate part of this disorder is that it can take up to 17 years before you can fully function with the schizophrenic brain but with help and care this could happen faster you must be open to everything that gets offered to you who healthcare and coaches provided you must be able to get rid of the people who will cause you high stress high anxiety and cause you depression is this will trigger this disorder a lot faster then you want it to.BPD is a Disassociation disorder so this is where we were talking about when I came to visit you that you said that the doctors and specialist there for your care say that you disassociate yourself from when they’re talking or others are talking this is where the borderline personality disorder will come in this is a non-emotional, emotional disorder this is where you can be in a situation that’s high intensity it can feel the emotions of the other people around you what do you then you wind up feeling for a minute as your own then you hit into guilt then you remove yourself/ your brain from any situation with a lot of care which I also specialize in you can learn how to fluctuate the difference understandings of emotions so that as you go on in life you can understand your disassociation from any situation. You must be open to everything that is given to you to be provided and having a healthier life.PTSD is normally due to trauma very high intense trauma as the brain was growing or is growing PTSD can be taken care of and actually cured if you were put back into but in a safe way the situation that you keep referring to you that keeps causing a rotation of this disorder you have to be prepared and open to being able to see yourself through the situation There are some treatments in hospitals that do offer this and others it will be have to be outpatient care this is an intense situation and if you have many situations that caused the PTSD it is important that you let The care service that you would like to do one creative session at a time due to also having to schizophrenia it is important that this is cared for in a high intensive care situation because this can also cause higher triggers in your schizophreniaSo what I see your highest disorder here is the schizophrenia so that should be your first and foremost care which cause this will help with the other disorders that you were givenPLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ EVERYTHING IN THE LINKS GIVEN IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU DO THIS EVEN IF IT TAKES YOU A LONG TIME DONT STOP just read what you can.

Schizoaffective disorder and my own experience

What is Schizoaffective Disorder? Schizoaffective disorder is a condition in which a person suffers from a set of symptoms of schizophrenia, such as delusions, hallucinations, paranoid thoughts or disorganized speech, and symptoms of mood disorder, such as mood swings, elevated mood, disorganized behavior, depression or mania. My own experience with schizoaffective disorder: For many years I was diagnosed with adhd, borderline... Continue Reading →

When I take my last breathe….

Firstly, I am truly sorry to my family that I walked away from because at the time the drugs were all I needed. People often talk about what they lost due to addiction, but for me its not the case. I had everything, family friends and a life worth living. worked two jobs. however unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Life with Schizoaffective disorder

My name is Emily and I have schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type) For a long time I didn't know what was going on with me. I kept having paranoid thoughts, always scared thinking people are after me. Suicidal daily. Psychosis followed me. I've lived with this for five years asking myself what the hell was wrong... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, hope you've been well. This post may be triggering by some viewers I've overdosed a few times now on heavy drugs. As mentioned in previous blogs I started using meth straight out of a bubbler. Very dangerous. My tolerance was high from the start. Most times I wanted to die but instead I... Continue Reading →

Drug Addiction

As most of you know by my blogs, I struggle with addiction. The first time I ever used hard drugs- I smoked it out of a bubbler, in other words my drug tolerance was high from the start. I was done with drugs, I went to rehab. I was seven months sober. My life was... Continue Reading →

Hopeless addict

I think my purpose in life is to guide and show others the way of life. I have mental health and addiction experience under my belt, and I feel the need to reach as many people as possible and show my love, support, and unconditional encouragement. Most addicts have no one to turn to when... Continue Reading →

Addiction is a disease

I'm sorry for my absence, been going through a difficult time with this disease called addiction. I relapsed on my seven month birthday, and had a few relapses since then. At first I was really ashamed and wasn't fully truthful to those around me, let alone even myself. I have been reassured that it is... Continue Reading →

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