my life living with schizophrenia

hi, my name is emily thorn i am 24 and i am a author and mental health bloger.I blog about mental illness and addiction. in this blog i will discuss my life with schizophrenia

I’ve been in and out of hospital mental health related over 100 times. its embarasing. writting has always been my passion but lately ive been using writing more as a carrier. i recently published a book that i discusssed my mental illness an addictions. its called ”hope for drug addicts” now…lets start talking about my life living with schizophrenia.

it was during high school that things had gotten worse. I lost my girlfriend back in 2016. losing her changed me for the worse. i began to hear voices and later on started seeing things like bugs and people like shadow people an clowns and so on. i started to get really depressed and suicidal, I’ve had over 130 admissions to the mental health hospital for attempting to kill myself and/or other people for that matter. i gave up on myself. later on in life i started using substances such as meth,coke,crack and opiates. i tried using anything i could get my hands on just to numb the pain. i said id quit once i got properly diagnosed and rightly medicated, however its been 3 years and i struggle with addiction. so

yeah,hearing voices,seeing things and suicidal was my life for years. I’ve been diagnosed with every diagnosis in the book. the last thing i was diagnosed with is schizophrenia. hearing voices and seeing things is my daily struggle. not leaving my apartment because i think people are after me and trying to kill me. sometimes i believe i have super powers like believing i can fly and read people minds. when i was in hospital for 9 months i truly believed that i had super powers and that the government was after me because I had important government intel that i couldn’t tell anyone about.

a few months ago i had a really bad episode. i had thought that someone i know was burning my apartment on fire and i was in psychosis .i called police on myself because i genuinely had thought that he set my place on fire and i was freaking out bad. im afraid that i will have another episode. it took me a few months to get out of that episode because that was very scary and im embarrassed even though i shouldn’t be. im embarrassed that i have a serious illness that i have to live with my whole life .i get very frustrated with myself or with my brian. the voices in my head say 1,000 times a day that im pathetic and shouldn’t be alive and they tell me to kill myself on a daily basis ..

so there u have it, some of my life with schizophrenia th

thank you,


emily thorn

I am a poet,blogger and an books called ” hope for drug addicts” you can also find me on instagram,facebook,twitter and of course i have a facebook page also called hope for drug addicts.


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