we fall, we climb

life, well we all know what it’s like. We fall and we rise , sometimes many times , but we will climb back up and rise to our feet.

sometimes our feet get lost and sometimes we have to fight to get back up, and some of us are so lost that we do whatever we feel is going to make us feel better. We just want the pain to end.

I used drugs to numb my inner demons only to find that my mental status was declining. The meth, the coke, the cocaine and opiates only made me sick. I fell many times, but be sure that I will fight this battle til I die .

sunny days

why. Is it that it’s rainy more than sunny? I wake up , it’s sunny however I feel gloomy . Do you understand me? I want to be happy , but it never lasts.I even question my own existence because it’s gloomy more then it is sunny.

god, what do I do? What did I do to deserve this punishment? I need you or on me die. I just want to be happy again. I used drugs to ease my mind, but it made it worse. It almost killed me.


you said goodbye to me,

but I didn’t know at the time.

you said goodbye,

but I didn’t

you left me broken

you left me lost.

it kills that I didn’t day goodbye

I think about you every daycan

you meant the absolute world to me

I wish there was something else I could have done to save you.

all the memories haunt me, remembering laughs together make me cry

I would kill me just to have you back

I love u big always know that


I thought after time passed i d feel okay, but that’s not true.

I went through slot of trauma which led to. Have mental illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder and more.

I never imagined my life to be like this but here I am writting this right now

My chest feels heavy

My back hurts

I used drugs and now I’m fighting for sobriety

I’m lost, I don’t have friends

As they struggle with substance abuse as well

my drug of choice is meth but I also did crack, cocaine, and opiates and anything i could get my hands on

m not sure what my purpose in life is but I’m going to be strong and find meaning in my life.

losing my mind

I lost myself years ago

I’m fighting with myself for years

I’m no longer the person I used to be, not even close

I’ve literally lost my mind a couple of times.

I lost my mind

I lost my friends

I lost my dreams I lost myself

I lost everything that meant the world to me.

I thought I’d fail, that I was beyond help that I was too lost that I couldn’t see a future thought life was better without me

I fell too many times . Lost my mind too many times but I will rise up and conquer this addiction and my mental illness.

Worst days

do you ever feel like you have no pupose?

I have

I was lost

did drugs to ease the pain

but drugs only made things worse. I was alone and dying fast.

drugs were my friend but later my worst enemy

I found happiness until I fell into the out of hell h

drugs aren’t a joke

there not your friend

they will kill you

too many people dying from addiction one day it might be me or even you!

but I’m not going without a fight.

I found myself when I lived the worst day’s.

lonely road

often times people sat there there for you but yet it often seems like a lonely road. Our minds are a prison. And proposal away when we need them the most.

we sit in the dark wondering what we did to have to sit alone with our thoughts . WE feel alone and lost. We help others. However when we need help we are talking to ourselves.

we have to learn how to love ourselves and be our own best friend because in the end it really is just that… Is against ourselves.

you aren’t alone . Please reach out of needed!

thank you, sincerely,

Emily Thorn


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