Fear of the “unknown”

During my life, I have never, and I mean never been so terrified in my life. I had never imagined myself in such a situation as this. I won't go into detail or answer any questions however, I will explain my emotions in this situation . Today, I was a disaster. I was approached by... Continue Reading →



This blog is going to be a tad different from the regular blogs I write. I apoligize for not blogging regularily, I've been really busy and under alot of stress. Firstly, I am extremely worried for a dear friend who is currently in inpatient again and not well at all. She is in our city... Continue Reading →

When it rains it pours.

Life certainly has a way of knocking us down. I am constantly bouncing from doing ok- to being in crisis and I'm so sick of it! I have been down for about a week or so. People were trying to get me back into hospital. I refused. I had thought maybe, just maybe I'll feel... Continue Reading →

Drowning under water

Do you ever feel like you are unable to get "unstuck" or like you're drowning to the bottom but can't swim back up to the top? I'm a strong swimmer, but the fact that I can swim doesn't mean I can swim to the top to my overall health. I've been down this journey for... Continue Reading →

Untold feelings

It's important for everyone to be open about what they think and how they feel. Often times, some of us get shunned and told " nobody cares about how you feel". Growing up, some of us may experience emotional / verbal abuse. Some of us are raised to keep everything inside and just keep sludging... Continue Reading →

Lost Soul

I am lost. Never having a sence of self or belonging or anything. I don't see anything in myself. I see no future. I don't feel real.I have always felt different from everyone else. I think differently, I see everything differently, I even believe differently from other's. I've never felt like I fit in anywhere... Continue Reading →

Splitting -Borderline

Splitting is a daily occurrence in my life. I am constantly splitting between "I love you" to "I hate you". I am always thinking black and white. This is exactly the reason I was Diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder. While a patient during my latest hospitalization I remember being locked in seclusion alone with my... Continue Reading →

Why Blog Mental Health?

Mental Health Awareness: Three years ago I really had no insight as to what mental health/illness was. It took me to experience it first hand to understand. I didn't hear the words "mental health" growing up. Not in school, not from my elders, and not from anyone else. Growing up I had always had an... Continue Reading →


It's no shock that many if not all of us are constantly under stress. Some people get stressed out about everything, big and small. We may get stressed out when our schedule has to change even a little bit. We may get stressed out with daily day-to-day events. I don't know about other's, but I... Continue Reading →

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