I've been absent for some time now. I was in rehab for a month and it was the best experience. I was scared at first...but a few day's later I settled in and boy did I ever love that place. If I ever relapse again I swear I'm going back to hope place centre's. My... Continue Reading →

Fresh Start

I've made many blogs regarding my drug abuse and mental illnesses, today Im typing a blog about what I am doing now. My whole life has been a downward struggle. I've known pain, sadness, hurt, rage, and lots of unforgiveness. I never learned how to deal with any of my trauma or any emotions i've... Continue Reading →


Imagine being really sad, and never being able to truly be happy..... Most of my days are filled with severe depression, and frustration, I get really frustrated because there is nothing I can do that will lift my mood..not even for a moment. I dont know what Bipolar means to others, but for me its... Continue Reading →

Drugs aren’t cool or fun

  I've mentioned in earlier blogs that everybody uses drugs for their own reason, and my reason was the fact that I thought it could fix my mental illness and numb my emotions so I could be happy again. I found out very quickly that I was being delusional, that the drugs in fact would... Continue Reading →

How covid-19 has affected me

First of all, this is a very difficult time for everyone. And i'm trying not to blame this difficult time for my relapse in both addiction and mental health. I know some people think its a choice to use and what not, but in reality once we get addicted it no linger is a choice,... Continue Reading →

Hope for drug addicts

I am a drug addict needing to help other drug addicts. When I started using heaving drugs, I felt so ashamed that I distanced myself from my family and friends. The drugs took over immediately. I have tried to kill myself many times, more so when addiction took a grip of me.I know what it... Continue Reading →

Dear Alex- [Trigger Warning}

Again, I just got discharged from hospital after I survived another intentional overdose. I have been in and out of hospital a lot lately its quite upsetting. I remembered tonight during one of my other  recent admissions that the psychiatrist  had me writing letters to people- alive or not- to help me deal/cope with past... Continue Reading →


Bipolar disorder, a disorder I have been fighting for five years. My last blog sent me to the hospital, in which I spent five weeks in the psych ward yet again. During my hospitalization, I was diagnosed with Bipolar on top of my adhd ,ptsd,and my bpd. Since my diagnosis I have been on abilify... Continue Reading →

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