Living on edge

I'm struggling alot. Like, a ton. I'm used to feeling on edge. I'm used to this life. I got frustrated at the doctors today because they won't give me a bottle of my medications. They are only giving me enough for about a week at a time to make sure I don't overdose again. Now... Continue Reading →


There’s too much wrong with me

Them : "What's wrong with you?" Me: "Everything, there's too much wrong with me!" ----------------------------------------------------------- When I blog, I spill my genuin thoughts and feelings. This is where I go to jounal my life, and I hope by making it public other's will benefit from it knowing there is at least one person going through... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry I’m a failure

I feel like a failure to society and a failure to myself. I feel like I'm a waste. I feel like I have no purpose. I hate being mentally ill. I'm constantly apologizing to my support team and my friends for bringing them into my problems constantly. I feel like I have to handle everything... Continue Reading →

I am sick

So often when people hear you are physically sick they are quick to offer support. However, when people hear that we are mentally sick people get scared and pretend they didn't hear that. Why is this? A sickness is a sickness. Mental illness is not treated like physical illness, this is what stigmatizes us. When... Continue Reading →

Life with mental illness

This blog will discuss my struggles I have never been real open about. (Trigger warning) I have never had an easy past. I was neglected and abused as a baby to the point where I was in sick kids hospital undergoing numerous tests. I have always had challenges with making friends and keeping friends. Although... Continue Reading →

My mental breakdowns/episodes

I've never opened up about my mental breakdowns or my episodes, so I thought I would open up about it today. Today I have been recovering from a four day episode. My episodes consists of hallucinations, hearing voices, PTSD symtoms , paranoia, OCD, deppression, anxiety and Suicide ideation. That's alot at once, right? When I... Continue Reading →


Many people have heard of therapy, but how many people fully understand what it consists of ? I was on a waitlist for therapy for almost three years. I am in a one year program. I had no idea what I was in for. I knew it was intense but had no idea it was... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Trauma

The title is scary, isn't it? Now imagine having to relive the event (s) just so you can deal with it and possibly overcome it so you can live a happy "normal" life. That is where I am in life. I want to cry just imagining having to go through it again and feel the... Continue Reading →

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