My life lately

Hey, all! It's been a long time since I blogged, and I've been encouraged a lot by others to start blogging again. I was in deep debate whether or not I was ready to blog again. I couldn't really decide the best accurate answer, so here I am attempting to blog again Like many, my... Continue Reading →


Get out of my head!

It's difficult for me to express my hallucinations and I find it extremely difficult to talk about the voices in my head...but hear me out, please. The voices haunt me, sometimes they talk to me, most of the day they talk shit about me, and on my worst day's they scream and yell at me.... Continue Reading →

Surfing below the waves

Firstly, I would like to start by apologizing for my absence for so long.  Its been extremely difficult for me and I can barely even explain it as I don't know really what's been going on with me. But, I am here now... For the first time, my mother called me around 2 Am wanting... Continue Reading →


I've been very stressed out and unwell. It's my partners anniversary soon and I just found out today my friend was rushed to Hospital after shooting bleach in her system ( attempted suicide). I don't even know how to feel right now. I'm struggling and don't need this added to my plate. My friend got... Continue Reading →

The end

I feel so lost right now with no hope. Each time I reach out I get nowhere. Each time I get formed into the hospital under the mental health act the doctors say I'm attention seeking and also that they can't help me and I just get shoved into seclusion until my discharge. There is... Continue Reading →

Fear of the “unknown”

During my life, I have never, and I mean never been so terrified in my life. I had never imagined myself in such a situation as this. I won't go into detail or answer any questions however, I will explain my emotions in this situation . Today, I was a disaster. I was approached by... Continue Reading →


This blog is going to be a tad different from the regular blogs I write. I apoligize for not blogging regularily, I've been really busy and under alot of stress. Firstly, I am extremely worried for a dear friend who is currently in inpatient again and not well at all. She is in our city... Continue Reading →

When it rains it pours.

Life certainly has a way of knocking us down. I am constantly bouncing from doing ok- to being in crisis and I'm so sick of it! I have been down for about a week or so. People were trying to get me back into hospital. I refused. I had thought maybe, just maybe I'll feel... Continue Reading →

Drowning under water

Do you ever feel like you are unable to get "unstuck" or like you're drowning to the bottom but can't swim back up to the top? I'm a strong swimmer, but the fact that I can swim doesn't mean I can swim to the top to my overall health. I've been down this journey for... Continue Reading →

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